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Time Management and Planning, Organisation, Prioritising and Structuring Workload, Managing Change, Developing Communication and Social Skills, Managing Anxiety, Understanding Course Expectations, Facilitating Meetings, Assisting with the Demands of Academic Work, Structuring Time, Someone to Touch Base with Weekly

Yes, you will meet with your support worker in a suitable environment on the Colchester campus.

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Will my support take place on campus?

Study skill support is not subject specific but your tutor is qualified in disability specific suport.  The sort of things we can help with are:  Breaking Down Questions/Assignment Briefs, Essay Structure, Research Skills, Managing Revision, Grammar and Punctuation, Working with Numbers, Sentence Structure, Word Counts, Referencing, Organising/Planning Work AND General Study Skills

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What can my Study Skills Tutor help with?
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What can a mentor help me with?
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Your support should be approved for the duration of your course, however you should make sure each year that your funding body are aware you wish for your support to continue.

Do I need to reapply for support every year?

No unfortunately we cannot proof read your work.  However your tutor can work with you to improve your own strategies and techniques.

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Can my study skills tutor proof read?
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